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Calvary Youth


Our Future

With more voices speaking to our youth than ever before, truth has never been more important. We strive for biblical literacy not so students have all of the right answers, but so that they know where to find them, how to study them, and how to apply them to their lives.

Bible Study

Calvary Youth meets every Sunday Morning

The Forge Discipleship - 9:30am

Alliance Fellowship - 11:30am

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Pickleball Tournament

Invite your friends for a pickleball tournament on Saturday October 21st at 10:00am!  We also need coaches and referees.  

1 Peter

What does it mean to be a persecuted Christian? What does it mean to live in exile? What can we glean from Christians in Asia Minor facing intense persecution and living in the land and under the rule, of a people opposed to Jesus Christ?

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