Pray for Missionaries



God sends people. To call it a gift that God's people get to be "ambassadors" is nothing short of an understatement. God calls, God empowers, and God sends.  These truths are not only wonderful to behold, they are best experienced. Many people connected to our fold, have been sent around the globe. Join us as we pray for their journeys.


Dave & Jenn Kelley 

  • Please pray for Ukrainian families adjusting to life in Hungary.

  • Pray for ICSB students and faculty.

  • Pray for healthy bodies and minds.

  • Pray for spiritual, mental, and emotional endurance for our teachers who seek to serve so diligently.



Eric & Kari Koerlin

  • Please pray that they settle into Japanese culture.

  • Pray that they reach fluency in Japanese quickly.

  • Pray for help connecting with Japanese families to develop friendships and share the Gospel.

  • Pray for unity among their team members.


  • Please pray for all Israelis to hunger and thirst for truth and find it in Jesus.

  • Pray for Israelites seeking truth through internet searches, that God might use One For Israel's resources to bring them to Himself.

  • Pray for Jews who have believed in the Messiah that they would be discipled.


Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je

  • Please pray for connections between counselors and students that they might share Christ in a meaningful way.

  • Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit that it might move mightily this year.

  • Pray for Christian campers that they would grow in their relationship with Christ.


  • Please pray for the war in Ukraine and how it might impact the ministry activities where they serve.

  •  Pray for their language skills as they meet with believers from many nations.

  • Pray for grace and skill as they work on the discipleship curriculum and work on translation into various languages.



Bruce & Karen Duell

  • Please pray for continued blessing in their ministry in the inner city among the poor.

  • Pray for continued strength and stamina as church partners send teams to serve with them.

  • Pray for God's hand in the outreaches that many would be reached with the Gospel.

His Refuge

Tom & Gayle Shook

  • Please pray for the two Afghan families in CA as they get settled into the US.

  • Pray for workers to join their His Refuge ministry.

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for the Shooks that God would continue to direct and lead them in the refugee ministry He has for them.


International Students Inc.

David Shelley

  • Please pray for continued and new relationships with international students on campus.

  • Pray for the discipleship of the international believers that they would be witnesses for Christ in their countries when they return home.

  • Pray that God would provide the R-1 visas that several ISI team members need to go into certain countries.

180 Ministries

  • Please pray for the men and women in the program that are addicted to drugs and alcohol that God would deliver them from their addictions. 

  • Pray that they would come to know Christ as their Savior and Lord.

  • Pray that God would heal their mental health and family life issues.