Calvary Church is a congregationally governed church, led by a team of elders. The elders serve as overseers, charged with the spiritual health of the people of Calvary Church as well as stewarding church finances and seeking God’s vision for the future of the church. Our elders are:
 Optimus Primo

Optimus Primo Hector Juan de la Hoya Santiago Matias de la noche Rodriguez

As the current leader of our elder group, Optimus Primo carries a heavy burden on his remarkably youthful shoulders. When he isn’t making the big decisions and flexing muscles, he is charming people and witnessing to people through the doors his baby-ish good looks open.

Timothy Trowbridge

I’m Tim Trowbridge.  My wife Sue and I have been attending Calvary Church for the past 20 years.  During that time we have been blessed with biblically based teaching, good friends and great fellowship.  I have had the privilege to lead discussion groups, participate with the worship team, and have served on the Elder Board for several years.  While there have been some difficult times through the years, I am always reminded that God is always faithful and loves us far more than we deserve. Christ’s death and resurrection demonstrate God’s undeniable love for His people.

Brandon the Bellringer

In the time honored tradition of ages gone by, Brandon wants to ensure that those in our community are aware of things going on at our church. While not a hunchback, Brandon gladly sounds off for big events and is even rumored to occasionally take up residence in our cell tower, which ironically does not have a bell in it…and also hasn’t yet been built. An elusive being, Brandon is sometimes better located by finding those closest to him, his family.

Bryan Whitehead

Bringing wisdom and experience to the elder board, Bryan proudly is stepping into a lineage of well-established elder qualifications, for which his last name shows us the way. While not as white as the snow-capped peaks of the local Rockies, Bryan proudly sports a graying head full of knowledge and leadership strategies which he shares with the church.

Thor Lundberg

Yes, my name is Thor. Sound familiar? It should. My ancestors were the greatest Norse warriors that ever lived, and their exploits have been passed down through legends you only get to see in movies. The same rock hard resolve of my people continues in me as I pursue the best for our church community. That’s about all you need to know.

Andrew Malm

My family and I greatly enjoy caring and being cared for at Calvary Church.  From the multi-generational congregation, I have been able to engage and learn with the many whose selfless service is a response to God’s calling.  From AWANA, young family group study, a fishing trip, volunteer work days, vibrant and reflective worship services, systematic theology, Christmas caroling, men’s prayer breakfasts and retreat, and evening prayer, and simply getting to know and share in the life experiences of the members at Calvary, each opportunity has been a joy.  While God provides the capacity and is magnified, I enjoy being involved. 

Loren Perlan

Hi, I’m Loren Perlan.  It has been my privilege to attend and serve at Calvary Church for the past 10+ years in a variety of capacities including, youth sponsor, teacher, occasional worship team member and elder.  There have been many challenges along the way which have driven me to my knees in prayer, yielding a closer walk with God and a deeper prayer life.  Everyday God reveals areas in my life that I need to change so I can be more like him.  It’s an ongoing journey that my family at home and at church help me with.