Calvary 4-Wheelers

Our group includes a wide range of ages and abilities from young adults to retirees, from beginners to old pros. We try to provide encouragement, advice and support for the less experienced and challenges and leadership opportunities for the advanced.

Our vehicles range from stock SUVs to well-built trail rigs. We welcome anyone with an off-road-capable (low range transfer case), four wheel drive vehicle.
As Christians, we are to glorify God in all we do, even our 4-wheeling. As a group, we represent God and Calvary Church. If you are our guest, please respect this, even if it is not your belief. To do this, we will follow several principles:
We will “love our neighbor” (Mark 12:31) by being courteous to those in our group and anyone we meet; by respecting the rights of all property owners, public or private; and by refraining from using offensive language, profanity, illegal drugs or alcohol while with the group.
We will “submit to the governing authorities” (Romans 13:1) by obeying all laws, rules and regulations, including trail closures and restrictions, even if they seem unreasonable.
We will be “good rulers” over God’s creation (Genesis 1:28) by minimizing our impact, staying on designated trails, packing out our trash, cleaning up after less responsible users and leaving the trail better than we found it.
We will “carry each other’s burdens” (Galatians 6:2) by going as a group. The stronger will help the weaker grow in ability and experience. The limits of the group will be determined by the limits of the weakest member. No one will be left behind or go ahead on their own. If we agree to split up, there will be at least two vehicles in each newly formed group.
We will “carry our own load” (Galatians 6:5) by each one being responsible for ourselves, our vehicle and our passengers (see “What to Bring”). 4-wheeling can be dangerous and Calvary Church, its leaders and the trail leaders of any trip are not responsible for any damage, injury or death which may occur. More experienced members of the group can offer advice and assistance, but you must decide if and how you will proceed.
For the calendar of events, click here. For information on trail ratings, click here. For a list of things to bring/do for a 4-Wheelers trip click here.
For further information or questions, please contact the Calvary 4-Wheelers coordinator Bill Andrews at