What To Bring

You Should have:
  • A well maintained vehicle (do preventative maintenance and repairs before the trip).
  • A full fuel tank.
  • A full sized spare (same size as your regular tires).
  • Lunch and snacks for you and those you bring (don’t forget a trash bag).
  • Extra food and water in case of emergency.
  • Toilet paper and a shovel (there are not always restrooms available).
  • First aid kit (include any regular medications you may need if the trip takes longer than expected).
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Jackets, extra clothes and/or blankets for Colorado’s unpredictable weather and in case you are stranded overnight.

Nice to have:

  • Tools and parts for trail repairs
  • CB and/or ham radio (cell phones are also good to have but are not always reliable in the back country).
  • Tow strap (the kind without hooks is best)
  • Tire chains (make sure they fit your tires)
  • High Lift jack
  • Camp chairs to sit in at lunch
  • Camera and film
  • Maps and guide books
  • If you have a winch: tree strap, clevis and snatch block
  • Post-knee-replacement exercises
  • Pictures of loved ones
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