2021 Calvary 4-Wheelers Schedule


January 2: Snow Wheeling

trail: Rock Creek Hills

near: Jefferson

rating: moderate (easy when dry)

meet: Kum and Go at US 285 and Kings Valley Road, just west of Conifer at 9:00 a.m.

This little network of trails used to be a favorite destination for camping and easy wheeling but we haven’t been there in quite a while. I don’t think we’ve ever tried it in the winter but it’s not extremely high in elevation so, hopefully, the snow won’t be too deep. This could be anything from a quick trip around old memories to all day struggling to go nowhere. Dress warmly, bring a shovel and a set of chains, if you have them.


January 23: Annual Pot Luck

trail: Calvary Church

near: Broomfield

rating: very easy

meet: Room 3 at  6:00 p.m.

This year’s pot luck is a little more tentative than usual. I want to put it on the schedule and plan for it but, depending on COVID restrictions at the time, it may have to be modified, postponed or cancelled. We’ll know more as we get closer to the date. The plan is to have our usual food, festivities and fun.


February 20: Snow Wheeling

trail: Mt. Hermon Road and Beaver Creek

near: Monument

rating: moderate (easy when dry)

meet: McDonald’s in Monument at 9:30 a.m.

Mt. Hermon Road is the main access into the middle of the Rampart Range network, going west from Monument to Rampart Range Road. Beaver Creek is an easy 4×4 road off of Mt. Hermon Road. I am pretty sure Mt. Hermon Road gets plowed in the winter. If, not we probably won’t make it to Beaver Creek. If, so it should be an easy jaunt up it and lots of playing in the snow on Beaver Creek. Chains are recommended but not required.


March 25-29: Spring Break Trip to San Rafael Swell, Green River, UT:

March 25: Drive over, set up camp.

Possible after dinner/sunset run to Crystal Geyser or the old missile base. Most of us will be staying at Shady Acres RV Park, there are also several hotels/motels in Green River if you prefer not to camp. Let Bill know if you are interested in caravanning over with the group

March 26:

trail: Round Knoll, Oil Well Flat and Cane Wash

rating: moderate

meet: at Shady Acres at 9:00

This route through the heart of the Swell offers a variety of terrain from easy dirt two-track to rocky climbs to sandy wash. We’ll start at Buckhorn Wash before going up and around the Round Knoll to Oil Well Flats. From there, we’ll go part way down Oil Well Flats before cutting across to Cane Wash and taking the bottom half of that trail down to Buckhorn Wash and returning to I-70

March 27:

trail: Eva Connover

rating: challenging

meet: at Shady Acres at 8:00 (note the earlier start time)

We attempted to run this trail two years ago but had to turn back when Jon broke a driveshaft. Hopefully this year we can complete it without breaking anything. After looking more closely at the time needed, I have decided to do this as an out and back trip rather than connecting to another trail. It still will be a fairly long, hard day and we will plan to eat out in Green River afterward. Those not wanting the challenge can hang around camp, take in the John Wesley Powell River History Museum or take a quick trip over to Moab for some shopping.

March 28:

trail: Shadescale Mesa, Moonshine Tanks and Hatt Ranch

rating: easy to moderate

meet: at Green River Bible Church at 10:00 a.m.

We’ll start the day attending Green River Bible Church, then take a shorter, easier trip along the eastern edge of the Swell. We will go through “The Squeeze” (it’s not a very tight squeeze) between the San Rafael Reef and Shadescale Mesa along the easy trail toward Hatt Ranch with side trips up the Mesa and up a small canyon in the Reef before exiting through Hatt Ranch to Highway 24 and returning to Green River.

March 29: Break camp and head home

No trail run planned.


April 17: Easy Spring Warm-up

trail: Redskin Road and Harris Park

near: Bailey

rating: easy

meet: Kum and Go at US 285 and Kings Valley Road, just west of Conifer at 9:00 a.m.

We ran part of Redskin Road last year when we did Stoney Pass. This year we’ll come at it from the other side, starting south of Pine Junction and ending up in Bailey. The main road is graded gravel but there are a few spurs that are easy 4×4. It should only take us the morning to complete so we will head over to Harris Park for the afternoon and run that little loop and some or all of its spurs. They are all easy 4×4.


May 15: Spring Fling

trail: West Tarryall

near: Jefferson

rating: easy to moderate (unconfirmed)

meet: Kum and Go at US 285 and Kings Valley Road, just west of Conifer at 9:00 a.m.

There is a small network of 4×4 roads that we have never been to south and west of Tarryall Reservoir, south of Jefferson. This trip will explore as many of these trails as we have time for. We are assuming that they are all easy to moderate but have no actual information on them, other than seeing them on the map. This will be a fun day of exploring new territory.


June 19: Mapping Mission

trail: Jenny Lind Gulch

near: Rollinsville

rating: moderate

meet: McDonalds on 28th Street just north of Canyon in Boulder at 9:00 a.m.

This is the only TrailsOffRoad mapping trip I am putting on the schedule this year. It is a side road off of Moon Gulch, near Rollinsville and has been on my list to map for two years now but one thing or another has prevented me from completing it. Since it starts near the end of Moon Gulch, it would be possible to run Moon Gulch and bail out before the mapping portion of the trip. The mapping part will involve a lot of stopping to mark waypoints, take pictures and set up videos.


July 1-5: Summer Excursion to Aspen Alley, Encampment, WY

July 1: Drive over, set up camp.

No major trail run planned for this day but a quick after-supper/sunset trip to the Ditches or part way out Divide Headquarters might be a possibility.

July 2:

trail: West Sheep Mountain and spurs

rating: easy

meet: State Highway 70 and FSR 801 (Deep Creek Road) at 9:00 a.m.

July 3:

trail: Douglas Divide

rating: easy to moderate

meet: campsite 9:00 a.m.

We’ll go north on Deep Creek Road to Deep Jack and over to Douglas Divide. Douglas Divide more or less parallels Continental Divide about a mile and a half further south (and not quite as high). We’ll take it out and back (with a very small chance that it connects to Haggerty, in which case we’ll take it straight through to Highway 70). If we do go out and back and there is a little time left, those that want a challenge can see if we can get through the mud pit on Sandstone Divide. Those that don’t want the challenge can return to camp.

July 4:

trail: Blackhall Mountain

rating: easy

meet: church

Church then lunch in Encampment then out and back to Blackhall Mountain Fire Lookout


July 17: Challenge Trip

trail: Miller Rock

near: Raymond

rating: challenging

meet: Diamond Shamrock in Lyons at 9:00 a.m.

This trail starts in the little town of Raymond, between Lyons and Allenspark. It makes its way south and slightly east up the side of the mountain. The lower part of the trail is mostly moderate with a couple of obstacles that bump it into the challenging category. The upper part of the trail has a couple of challenging obstacles that we decided not to test when we were there before. It would be our intention to try to get beyond them this time. Beyond that we do not know what trail conditions will be. This trip is not recommended for beginners.


August 7: Challenge Trip

trail: Middle St Vrain-Coney Creek

near: Allenspark

rating: challenging

meet: Diamond Shamrock in Lyons at 9:00 a.m.

This old favorite west of Lyons has always been on the challenging side of moderate but, over the past few years, has become harder and now falls squarely in the challenging category. It features several rocky obstacles, a few muddy sections and the deep water crossing at Coney Creek. Stock vehicles will have difficulty and will risk damage. It is not recommended for beginners.


August 21: Back to School Special

trail: West Magnolia

near: Nederland

rating: moderate

meet: McDonalds on 28th Street just north of Canyon in Boulder at 9:00 a.m.

This pleasant little network of trails winds its way from Nederland to Rollinsville just west of the Peak to Peak Highway. It offers beautiful scenery, fun wheeling and old mining remnants. We’ll plan a sinuous route through the network, taking in all or part of as many of the trails as possible.


September 3-6: Overland Adventure

Overlanding is a style of off-roading combining camping and 4-wheeling in a self-reliant journey from one place to another following dirt or 4wd roads and avoiding pavement as much as possible, usually over several days, weeks or even years. If there is enough interest, we will use the Labor Day Weekend to dip our toes into this growing phenomenon. Obviously we would need at least two interested rigs, 3 or 4 would be even better. This would involve camping on the trail in tents or in our trail rigs, no campers or RVs. If there is not enough interest I will probably return to Aspen Alley for some TrailsOffRoad mapping.

September 3: Denver to Fairplay

We’ll leave after work (about 6:00), drive to Fairplay, top off fuel, and camp along the beginning of Browns Pass.

September 4: Fairplay to Leadville

We’ll traverse Browns Pass, Breakneck Pass, Round Hill and Weston Pass, top off fuel in Leadville, begin Hagerman Pass and camp on Hagerman Pass.

September 5: Leadville to Crooked Creek Pass

We’ll finish Hagerman Pass, run Diemer and Sellar Lakes, Ivanhoe Creek Road, Burnt Mountain and a little bit of Eagle-Thomasville Road to Crooked Creek Pass, then camp at Crooked Creek Pass.

September 6: Crooked Creek Pass to Eagle and return home.

We’ll head down Powerline Road, Brush-Gypsum and Hardscrabble Mountain with side trips to Beecher (Frost Creek), Sawmill Spur and Firebox Park, connect to Brush Creek Road (Eagle-Thomasville Road) and head into Eagle. After refueling in Eagle we will head home via I-70.


September 25: Aspen Viewing

trail: Kenosha North

near: Grant

rating: easy to moderate

meet: Kum and Go at US 285 and Kings Valley Road, just west of Conifer at 9:00 a.m.

The area around the top of Kenosha Pass has some of the most spectacular aspen groves in Colorado. It is also extremely popular and crowded during the fall color season. To attempt to take in the color but avoid the crowds, we will travel a series of easy to moderate 4wd roads that parallel the highway to the north and west from Handcart Gulch to Jefferson.


October 16: Fall Fiesta

trail: Cascade Creek

near: Idaho Springs

rating: moderate

meet: Idaho Springs Visitor Center, 2060 Miner St, Idaho Springs, CO at 9:00 a.m.

This moderate trail south of Idaho Springs is part of the Ute Creek/Lamertine network. We’ll take Cascade Creek to the top then zig-zag our way back down all of the connecting roads between Cascade Creek, Lamertine Road and Ute Creek.


November 6: End of Season Trip

trail: Fairburn Mountain and spurs

near: Rollinsville

rating: easy to moderate

meet: McDonalds on 28th Street just north of Canyon in Boulder at 9:00 a.m.

We have run parts of this little network of trails on the east side of Gamble Gulch, near Rollinsville but have not done all of it. We will try to finish the sections we have not done before as well as revisit some trails we have already done. This late in the year we may encounter some snow but this is not planned as a major snow wheeling trip.


November 27: Turkey Wheeling

trail: McFerren (beginning of Browns Pass)

near: Fairplay

rating: moderate to challenging (moderate when dry)

meet: Kum and Go at US 285 and Kings Valley Road, just west of Conifer at 9:00 a.m.

McFerren starts at the beginning of Browns Pass southwest of Fairplay and runs northwest along the foot of the taller mountains following Fourmile Creek. It gains altitude slightly but does not have the steep climbs of Browns Pass itself. Hopefully at the end of November there will be enough snow to add some challenge but not enough to make it impassable. Chains are recommended but not required. Since this is a little further away, we may stop for dinner in Fairplay or Bailey on our way home.


December 18: Snow Wheeling

trail: Switzerland Trail

near: Boulder

rating: moderate (easy when dry)

meet: McDonalds on 28th Street just north of Canyon in Boulder at 9:00 a.m.

We’ll finish the year on this old favorite just west of Boulder. We’ll start the trail in the middle, taking Four Mile Canyon up to Sunset. From there we’ll see how far up toward Sugarloaf Mountain we can get. Depending on time and conditions, we’ll exit at Sugarloaf, continue past Sugarloaf toward Highway 72 or turn around and try the other side toward Gold Hill. If there is little or no snow, we’ll add some of the moderate spurs on the south side of Sugarloaf to the trip to make sure we have a full day of fun. Chains are recommended but not required.


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